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A business perspective on AI

AI is a very technical subject that is already transforming the business landscape but this only happens when AI can be linked to true business value.  We put the knowledge and power of AI into the hands of the people that understand the business most through executive training, strategy development and cultural change.  For true business transformation and game changing business results from A.I. your business teams and executives need to be armed with knowledge of what it is, what you can use it for and how you will get it to work in order to stay competitive and see real business results.

Disruption from AI is inevitable
In any wave of technology disruption, we see new companies arrive, some old companies disappear, few adapt, survive and grow.  Do not get left behind because you are struggling to get AI to work for you. Smart execs know that to get data and AI to work, you will need more than a top-notch data science team.  You need an armed business team.  Have a look at our services below and book a meeting so that we can help you adapt and grow.
Our Services
Our unique approach developed by our founder author of the best selling book "cracking the data code" approach has generated millions in revenues, optimised user behaviours, increased retention and so much more. Using our unique approach, companies have developed award-winning teams, created new data enabled business cultures and produced a clear and tangible link between AI (its family of technologies) and business benefits.  Our services below show how we can help you. 
AI Leadership Training
We use this 1 day masterclass to demystify AI and arm leaders with the required knowledge to lead their organisation into the AI future investing in the right opportunities and supercharging growth
AI Strategy Development
We work with your business to explore, identify and quantify AI opportunities, surfacing the low hanging fruit and guaranteeing direct alignment to measurable business outcomes.  Our approach also ensures the essential buy-in from all constituents in the business.
AI Culture Development
Unless your algorithms are used, they will have no value.  Our scientific approach rooted in behavioural economics will create data enabled behaviours and a business culture that will remove the fear of robots are coming to take over and make real use of what you invest in building.

Working With Us

We work with your business and data team to ensure that your AI investment will help you compete, grow and optimise your business. It's easy to get started just follow the steps below.

Book A Meeting 

to capture the details around

your needs and develop a plan

Develop Your Plan

so that we can finalise the 

implementation options for

your needs

Deliver Your Solution

using the new lens to ensure

that AI will take your business

to the next level

You are in great hands

Our founders and pioneers of our approach have been extremely successful in getting AI to become a business reality.  Their work can be found in several books on amazon and in the following publications.

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