AI Leadership Training

In short, leaders need to learn about Ai as that is the only way to guarantee success and here is why:

1. you need leadership input on what to focus on

2. you need leadership input in two aspects of delivery a)hiring, b)domain knowledge (what is in your head)

3. Culture has to change - to remove resistant, enhance the right behaviours around data collection and usage.

How do you do any of the above when you dont have a grasp of how Ai works, what it can be used for, how to find opportunities and decide which ones to focus one and then how do you change cultures and hire the right individuals?


Leaders are required to steer their respective organisations into the direction that they should go, making key decisions on what their teams invest their time, money and effort into in order to safeguard the exponential growth or survival of the company in uncertain times of change.


New technologies always bring about a pivotal period of change and AI is no exception. If anything, the magnitude of change will be even more significant than any other technology that we have seen. As you are going to have to invest the time, resources, and money to execute a data-crunching, machine-learning AI effort, leaders have no choice but to invest the time and effort it takes to sufficiently educate themselves in order to steer the efforts and produce the game-changing results it promises.


Make no mistake about it: your leadership skills are critical to the success of your AI implementation. One of the big reasons why AI investments fail to deliver a return on investment is simply because AI is left to the number crunchers to build and execute. Leadership involvement is absolutely critical to any AI implementation, and effective leadership in this brave new world can only come about when that leadership is educated in the functional intricacies of data, machine learning, and the wonderfully potential game-changer that is AI.


We have designed a masterclass that very quickly delivers the required knowledge to business leaders. Enabling them to:


  • Lead from a position of knowledge

  • Become effective champions with realistic expectations

  • Steer the required cultural changes

  • Ensure the initiatives are in-line with company objectives

  • Dedicate the right resources to the cause


Our masterclass is typically delivered offsite in our designated training location and is divided into 4 modules across the day.

Session 1: Building a base understanding of AI -

The course begins by establishing the required foundational understanding of what AI is and why it is important.  In this section, we will cover definitions of AI and her associated technologies.  We will review the necessary historical context, build an understanding of some of the key misconceptions, present-day usage, significance and urgency.  This will give you the language and framework that will be required for the rest of the course and will enable you to speak with technical experts in order to facilitate practical implementation.

Session 2: Understanding how AI works –

It is equally important to build a business level understanding of how AI works.  This will create an appreciation of what it takes to get AI to generate true value for your business and will go a long way to help manage expectations of what AI can and cannot do.  The concepts covered in this part of the course will help you create better project estimates by understanding the project lifecycle and typical timescales for implementing AI. 


Session 3: AI opportunities and risks -

Popular misconceptions tend to place AI on an island with robots, chatbots and self-driving cars. However, this fails to recognize artificial intelligence’s major practical applications for your organisation.  This part of the course helps you understand how to identify valuable opportunities in your organisation.  You will gain an appreciation of where in the business and operating model, AI can be beneficial together with some of the business risks that it may create. This module will help you move from a general understanding of AI applications to specific, potential applications within your organisation and sector.

Session 4: Ingredients to make AI work –

At this stage, you will have all the ammunition required to speak with others about AI, understand how it works and will be able to identify opportunities to put it to work in your organisation; but there are still more pieces required to complete the puzzle.  This model will cover the remaining ingredients which will include data requirements (internal and external), technology and infrastructure requirements (in house vs. outsourced solutions), scalability, human resource requirements, organisational structure and the necessary cultural changes. 

The Outcomes of the training
By the end of the masterclass, executives will:

  • have a grasp of the nature of Artificial Intelligence and its family of technologies data and machine learning techniques

  • an appreciation of the business opportunities that AI represents, how others are using AI and benefiting from it.

  • how they can use it too

  • a robust understanding of the challenges that AI represents and how to manage these

  • an appreciation of what the business has to do, what the technology capabilities required, efficient team setup, skills and all of the other ingredients required to make AI work