Helping everyone see and understand data 

Data, analytics and AI training for non-technical execs and managers


At, you will learn how to read, work with, reason and analyse with data and AI to boost your CV, optimise your business or kick off a new career.   Our courses are moving online and launching at the end of May 2020.  Click below and we will send you updates about launch.

Our Courses


  • Data, Analytics and AI Free bootcamp

  • Data Literacy

  • Data and Analytics

  • Digital Strategy for Execs and Managers

  • AI for Execs and Manager

  • AI for Product Managers

  • AI Career Accelerator: Become a data scientist

To stand out and earn more,

you need to be able to speak data

Regardless of what your background is, makes this technology accessible to absolutley everyone 

"Data is as important as reading and writing, but most people need an analyst to interpret what the data is saying."

People with low data literacy have the following characteristics

Poor influence

Generally struggle to empirally influence data-today activities and cannot contribute to big picture decisions because of their gut based opinions. 


Constantly overridden

Since they cannot draw real insight from data, they often have their opinions and suggestions over ruled by those that have a clear clear case based on data.

Paid less

There is a clear correlation between those that are in positions of influence, whose ideas are heard and taken on board and the degree to which they are data literate. 

The world of data and AI is unnecessarily complex and really needs input from you, the domain owners, the ones who really know your business, customers and how your department works.  We know how to make this super accessible to you.

Here is what you get:

1. Understand what the data saying

2. Influence day to day activities and big picture decisions

3. User you data abilities to find new opportunities

4. Gain the competitive edge in the job market

5. Base your actions on solid data

6. Get the most out of your data and analytics teams

7. Find transformative uses ofAI for your company

8. Work effectively with data scientists anywhere in the world

9. Build amazing AI products

10. Get a job in teh world of data